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Emerge-a series of group mentoring workshops with a focus on confidence/self-esteem, etiquette, finances, higher education, decision making and communication skills.

This program is aimed to point girls into making positive life choices and growing into womanhood. Some of the life skills we will be talking about are “Frenemy, Boys, and Boundaries, Self-Esteem, Goal Setting, Exploring Character, Morals and Values, Money Smarts, and What does it take to College or a Tech School.”

Inspire (HER

Inspire (HER) – a program of moderated group discussions and panel forums that discuss hard
topics such as “Body Image”, “Growing Up Without a Dad”, and “Leadership 101”  Moderators will facilitate these discussions and will add their thoughts, feelings, and their unique experiences. Young women will also get the opportunity to attend Youth Summits, Student Conferences and Leadership Development Training, and Special Speaker Series
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