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Level Up 

Leadership Ambassador Program

An intensive six-month cohort-based program that equips

extraordinary young women of color with the skills &

resources to prepare for postgraduate life 

by taking on leadership positions,

network building and serving their community. 

Our aim is to provide a multitude of life opportunities & experiences

that creates pathways that prepare them to become

ethical leaders committed to active community involvement.


Program Timeline:

Application Opens:  (by GOOGLE FORM) 


March 2022  - Welcome/Opening Retreat (Mandatory Attendance)

April 2022 - TBA

May 2022 - TBA

June 2022 - TBA

July 2022 -TBA - Closing Retreat 

Program Eligibility Requirements:

  • 11th, &12th Grade 

  • 2.0 + GPA 

  • Headshot Picture

  • Letter of Recommendation from a non-family member (PDF Format)

  • Personal Statement

  • Demonstrate proven leadership ability in school and/or community activities.

  • Commit to full participation in the program

Program Goals:

  • To meet young women of color from all areas of Snohomish and King County and to develop mutual trust and respect for each other.

  • To have an increased awareness of our community's needs, opportunities, problems, and resources.

  • To gain a greater understanding of contemporary issues through interaction and problem solving with peers, adult leaders, and decision-makers from all segments of the community.

  • To develop effective styles of leadership, communication, and decision-making skills.

  • To become a responsible, ethical leader committed to active community involvement.

  • To develop as leaders in the community that will further prepare them for post-graduation life after high school.



With the completion of the program, each Level Up Ambassador will be awarded a certificate & scholarship to be used towards future education expenses.




PHOTOGRAPHY RIGHTS & PERMISSION: I understand that during the Level Up Ambassador Program, my child's/children's photo and/or video likeness may be taken, and I hereby give my consent to use such photo or video in conjunction with promotional use or media coverage. Moreover, I hereby give my consent.


DISCLAIMER: I understand that the Directors of the Project Girl Mentoring Level Up Ambassador Program reserve the right to change, cancel, or modify the schedule at any time. I also understand that the organization reserves the right to WITHDRAW any girl whose conduct is deemed disruptive and/or harmful to instructors, guests, peers, speakers, or volunteers.


ACKNOWLEDGED CONSENT BY PARENT / GUARDIAN: I acknowledge that I have read, consented to, and understand ALL of the disclaimers stated. I give my permission for the minor(s) in my care to engage in all Labs and all other programmings for the duration of the Level Up Ambassador Program.

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