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Olympia Edwards ~ CEO                                           

Olympia Edwards is the creator and visionary of Project Girl Mentoring Program, a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to providing a secure environment for girls and young women to grow into better versions of themselves. As a native Floridian, she brings a distinct style of youth programming infused with enthusiasm and genuine life lessons. Olympia sees herself as a compassionate leader who inspires girls and young women to make wise life choices. Olympia set out to build a curriculum-based mentorship program where young women may learn to embrace their skin tone, focus on their confidence/self esteem, and grow into womanhood after being engaged in her community as a program coordinator, case manager, and champion for young women. Project Girl Mentoring Program strives to be a catalyst for the changes that are required in our community by providing young women with the tools they need to continue speaking the truth, showing grace, loving others, and coming together.r. 

Her biggest joy is knowing that she is doing something that she always wanted to do and that she always dreamed of doing.


Vanessa Harris is a License Mental Health Counselor Associate with Project Girl Mentoring Program. Vanessa passionately advocates for marginalized communities, particularly BIPOC adolescents. Through her work, she is dedicated to empowering young people and providing comprehensive care that addresses the unique challenges faced by this population. In addition to her passion for working with at-risk youth, Vanessa has experience working at a private counseling practice where she works with diverse cultures, backgrounds, and mental health needs. This work has allowed her to develop a deeper understanding of the unique challenges facing individuals from different walks of life. It has strengthened her ability to provide adequate support to those in need. 


Vanessa has always had a passion for working with the youth and being a vessel to help them unleash their full potential. She believes if the youth obtain a supportive and uplifting surrounding that believes in them, they can break barriers and accomplish what is true to themselves. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, going on walks in nature, reading a good book, cooking, and listening to music.  



Sierra was born and raised in the Everett area. She is currently studying at Western Washington University and will be graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. Sierra has always aimed to make it her mission to show compassion and support to each person

she comes across. She believes that one of the most rewarding things in life is walking alongside someone through their journey, watching them grow and overcome obstacles, and seeing them blossom into their true self. In her free time, Sierra enjoys baking, hiking, journaling, and building community.

Sierra loves to laugh and make others do the same so she lives by this quote: “Smiling is good for the heart, laughing is good for the soul, and loving will keep you living, laughing, and smiling.”


Latisha Williams graduated from Eastern Washington University in 2012 and again  2017 with her Master Degree in Social Work. For over a decade she has been committed to serving the underrepresented youth and families in Snohomish county. When asked what she’s passionate about Latisha’s stated she prides herself on giving the next generation the blueprint to be successful and become whatever they put their minds to. At PGMP, Latisha has greatly enjoyed watching the mentees blossom through words of affirmation and our consistent practice in positive self talk. 


A quote Latisha lives by: ‘I'm for truth, no matter who tells it. I'm for justice, no matter who it is for or against. I'm a human being, first and foremost, and as such I'm for whoever and whatever benefits humanity as a whole.’


Project Girl Mentoring Program is looking for dedicated individuals who are hardworking and have a passion for serving communities of color. We believe that as a community we can uplift the voices of young women of color and are always in search of others who think the same way. We hope that you will consider this opportunity to help empower and inspire young women of color in our community. If you would like to join the team, please fill out the form/s below. 


Tasha Headshot.png

LaTasha Reed ~ Chair

Latasha Reed is an SAHM and community leader. She established and co-lead SIS, the Women’s Ministry, at New Beginnings Christian Fellowship. She is currently a full-time student pursing her degree at the University of Washington. One of the greatest compliments she has ever received is being called AUTHENTIC. As a young black woman, growing up in the state of Washington, knowing who she is, and her purpose, is something that she struggled with well into adulthood. Due to this, it is so important to her to see women thrive as their authentic selves because until one knows who they are, they cannot operate in their true self.


Jeremy Edwards ~ Treasurer

Jeremy Edwards is a software engineer and has worked in some of the biggest technology companies - Sage Healthcare, Microsoft and Google. Jeremy works to foster diversity in the tech field. His work has mentored and encouraged other software developer to enhance their tech skills and grow their craft. Outside work, Jeremy enjoys PC gaming and invent new ways to grow his lawn. He is a big believer in failing fast and failing early which mean you have to mess up now so that you can learn from your mistakes and pay it forward.  


Dr. Margaret Towolawi

Dr. Margaret Towolawi is a board-certified family physician who has been practicing medicine for over ten years in the Seattle area. She is the founder of Nurture Well Center, a direct primary care practice centered on wellness and SkinStatMD, an aesthetic practice focusing on the skin and hair concerns of Black and Brown patients. She was excited to jump on the opportunity to join the PGM board as she is passionate about making sure Black and Brown girls have opportunities to walk into their greatness at an early age. Dr. Towolawi attended similar pipeline programs as a youth and has seen the power of mentoring firsthand. She looks forward to seeing PGMP expand in the upcoming years.

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Adia Callahan

Adia Callahan is a wellness coach and founder/owner of See Me Wellness. She has worked in business strategy for 15 years. She is an accomplished business leader with expertise in strategy, product development and team building with a background in sales. Adia is passionate about wanting to bridge the gap between Black Women and fitness. Throughout her career, Adia supports women’s professional and personal development. Adia believes in the power of support; supporting others and receiving support. “No one should go through their life secluded from a supportive community" That is what mentoring is, that community.

Brandy Lawrence Photo.jpg

Brandy Lawrence

Brandy Lawrence grew up in Milwaukee, WI and graduated from Cardinal Stritch University with her Master's in the Science of Management and Leadership. She has spent time working with the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee, served 2 terms with Ameri Corps and is a Public Allies Alumni. These experiences taught her the power of servant leadership, supporting your community and investing in our youth. She enjoys coaching youth through career development and educational resources. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, live music, and being a foodie. She is joining PGMP to further the mission & vision and support our youth in being the best version of themselves.

"You must love and care for yourself, because that's when the best comes out." - Tina Turner


Christina Taylor 

Christina Taylor is an educator and business woman. She has worked in education for 10 years and is currently at a local independent school as the Associate Director of Global Programs Department. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience working with young people on personal development, social justice, and leadership. Christina is also a proud small business owner of and frequently looks for opportunities to support other businesses and build community. She believes that she would not be the woman she is today without her villages of aunties who inspire her, and open doors for her and correct her when she needs it. She believes every girl needs that. 


Project Girl Mentoring Program is looking for dedicated board members who believe in our mission and are willing to lead and strengthen the work that we are doing in the community. We believe that this work has never been more important than it is today.  We hope that you will consider this opportunity to help uplift and inspire young women of color in our community. If you know someone who would be a good fit for our board, please forward along with our contact information. 

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